Jewish recovery addiction treatment center: (305)776-3794. Alternative drug addict alcohol rehab for Jews and faith based counseling program for substance abuse help. Residential twelve 12 steps
sober halfway house for recovering addicts. Torah Judaism pastoral bible counselor and rabbi for addictive disorders gambling addictions and dependency. Torah and the Twelve Steps, Inc.

Addiction Recovery Program With Residential Transitional HousingJewish drug and alchol rehab
Residential Addiction Recovery Program
Spiritual Therapy integrating Jewish Wisdom with the 12 Steps
Jewish recovery faith based addiction drug rehab About our Jewish spritual alcohol treatment program Faith based residential program for personality change Jewish mysticism and Kabala for all addicts Solution for drug and alcohol addition


1. The Recovery Challenge - A series of clips that challenges the status quo of unsuccessful treatment programs and an explanation of what really works.

    Recovery Challenge Clip 1    Clip 2  Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5

2.  Foreword to the First Edition of The "Big Book" - These are some insights from Rabbi Burns regarding the foreword of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous which is the primary text of the Fellowship wherein the entire program is laid out. The Rabbi also elucidates the purposes that are mentioned in the Foreword.

          A. The Beginning of The Foreword B. Precisely How We Recover 

   C. The Alcoholic is a very sick person D. Why Everyone needs the 12 Steps

   E. Main Purpose Carry The Message 

3. Explanation of The First Step - Rabbi Burns explains different symptoms that manifest themselves in an alcoholic or addict. 

     Symptom 1 & 2       Symptom 3 

4. Various different tidbits-  

   The Big Book is NOT Christian   Therapy Topic  How Long Will it Take

   Rarely Have we Seen a Person Fail    Tradition 1  

5. The Solution is Spritual NOT Medical - Rabbi Burns explains how the solution to addiction is spiritual and not medical.

    One  Spiritual not medical Solution One Spiritual Not Medical Solution Part 2

    One Spiritual Not Medical Solution Part 3

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