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Addiction Recovery Program With Residential Transitional HousingJewish drug and alchol rehab

 Addiction Recovery Program with Supervised Housing
Spiritual Therapy integrating Jewish Wisdom with the 12 Steps

Jewish recovery faith based addiction drug rehab About our Jewish spritual alcohol treatment program Faith based residential program for personality change Jewish mysticism and Kabala for all addicts Solution for drug and alcohol addition

Torah orthodox rabbi treats addicts with Kabballah

A faith based program at a fraction of the cost... only $5900/mo in Miami, FL.

 Never have we seen a graduate relapse who has followed our path. We have a common solution within our group experience at (T12) which is so powerful that often the most resistent become willing to change. The joy and deep understanding between us inspires the new client, who discovers he can recover "In spite of himself." Complete personality change indeed miraculous, clear evidence for those who need help from the Power which cannot fail. Our graduates are trauma free and feel no stigma.  THE JEWISH RECOVERY CHALLENGE: If you take these Torah Twelve Steps you will never use drugs/alcohol again, nor be compulsive in behaviors. 

There is never an excuse to go to secular rehabs. They have a 4% one-year abstinence rate, and never produce profound character change. They cannot provide the spiritual foundation to recovery that is essential. To bill insurance, a rehab must claim its therapy not the Creator is the source of change, thus it cannot be 12 step spiritually based. Cognitive behavioral therapy in addiction is like a band-aid on a cancer. Some programs claim they're based on a 12 step THEORY or PHILOSOPHY, this is also proof of no recovery, as one must LIVE and experience the steps, which they cannot be founded on. No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to be introduced to a sponsor at an AA meeting.  A "Chaplain" or visiting "Rabbi" is totally inadequate, it may add to cultural sensitivity, but it is not a real Jewish program. Spirituality within Judaism experienced in the 12 Step approach is the core life-force (neshama) behind real treatment. The Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book states only a spiritual awakening can restore addicts sanity, and "Probably no human power can can relieve our alcoholism" this includes all secular rehabs. Rabbi Elya Brudny the Mirrer Rosh Hayeshiva, and many others, have publicly stated the importance of sending to a Torah based rehab. 

Every client who sucessfully completed our program in the last five years has RECOVERED and thus remains clean, lives an honest observant lifestyle, and are productive members of society. Our alumni network will testify to anyone interested in our program. Let us speak to your loved ones who need help and we will show them there is an answer. THE RECOVERY CHALLENGE: Meet our graduates and compare growth with any other program, and you will know a Kiddush Hashem that nothing compares to the Power of Torah Based 12 Steps.

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  What Really Works....

We strongly feel that personality change and spiritual growth is indispensable. Inner commitment to this truth even supersedes the importance of any outward structure, as even in a very strict and controlled environment the addict may externally “behave”, but not change internally in any significant way. Buildings and aesthetic vacation-like settings are nice but contribute almost nothing to an individual’s personal growth. Health measures are also important practices but won’t keep anyone clean, so it is not really the main focus in addiction treatment. Seeking stimulating forms of socialization and finding acceptance feel good but are temporary and upon study still superficial. Removing the outer consequences or providing a safe haven is only a temporary answer, as anyone who has experience in trying to stay clean will profess. Thus permanent recovery with happiness can only be accomplished through an “inner” spiritual program.

Directed by Rabbi with 33 years of experience...

Rabbi Burns has practiced as a mental health therapist in PHP addiction programs, chaplain in a leading female eating disorder program, treating dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, DEPRESSION. NOTE: "ALL OUR PROGRAM SERVICES ARE SPIRITUAL, NON CLINICAL".  Knowing the limitations of a medical model of treatment, Rabbi Burns opened T12, where those who couldn't recover through very qualified and caring professionals, were later healed here.  Lack of power is the dilemma with chronic relapse and we will identify exactly why prior rehabs have failed. The client will see genuine recovery  he or she has never experienced before. 



Commonly Abused Substances

Alcohol Adderall Ambien Amphetamine Amytal Ativan Barbiturates Benzedrine Benzodiazepines Biphetamine Cocaine Codeine Crack Crystal Meth Darvon Demerol Desoxyn Dexedrine Dextromethorphan Ecstacy Fentanyl Hallucinogens Hashish GHB Heroin Inhalants Ketamine Librium LSD Marijuana MDNA Mescaline Methadone Methamphetamine Methylphenidate Morphine Nembutal Nicotine Nitrous Oxide Opium Oxycodone Oxycontin Percodan Phenobarbitol Psilocybin PCP Quaalude Ritalin Seconal Sedatives Steroids THC Tranquilizers Toluene Valium Vicodin Xanax








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