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Addiction Recovery Program With Residential Transitional HousingJewish drug and alchol rehab
 Addiction Recovery Program with Supervised Housing
Spiritual Therapy integrating Jewish Wisdom with the 12 Steps
Jewish recovery faith based addiction drug rehab About our Jewish spritual alcohol treatment program Faith based residential program for personality change Jewish mysticism and Kabala for all addicts Solution for drug and alcohol addition

Detox from narcotics and methamphetamine alchohol and stimulants

Kabballistic treatment for alcoholic and mood altertering substances

The majority of our clients are recovered and living free from active addition...

Our Comprehensive program including structured housing for a modest $5900 monthly will include the following services:

Non-Medical, Torah-Bible-12-Step based action program. It is well documented that in early 12 step recovery groups (1940’s-50) when spirituality was the primary focus of treatment after medical detoxification, 75-92% recovery rates were the norm. All students will complete, if willing, the Twelve Steps.

• Twenty Eight One-Hour Spiritual Groups weekly. Building healthy relationships with G-d, self, and others while resolving intimacy issues. Challenging our thinking and learning to question old ineffective beliefs in order to achieve a new perception. Practice of in- depth moral inventory to identify inner values in order to develop a clear vision for this new life. Over fifty topics related to recovery and the clarification of existential questions with numerous practical skills for living.

• Individual Spiritual Sessions. In-depth phase of the 5th step inventory encompasses up to thirty hours of individual spiritual counseling over a several week period.

• Family Group/Adult, spiritual counseling for the family members and to enhance understanding of the recovery process and to assist in strengthening the family unit. We believe each situation needs to be evaluated to determine if the family should be involved and to what extent at this phase of the healing process.

• Highly structured residences, in Miami, FL with all the amenities such as wi-fi internet (if privileged), cable, swimming pool, washer and dryer on location, 24 hour supervision.

• Interactive classes, with the study of basic Kabalistic thought, and classical texts on ethics to increase personal character development. Training in leadership skills and methods to increase learning capacity.

• Universal spiritual path for all mankind for Non-Jewish participants (7 Laws of Noah) and Torah topics related to their personal recovery. We believe strongly in outreach to all our neighbors.

• Advanced Meditation and Prayer, training in ways to increase concentration and intent to develop one’s intuitive faculties for effective prayer and study to increase in spiritual knowledge. Our techniques and methods of prayer were actually used by the prophets and great sages passed down throughout the generations.

• Introduction to various twelve-step meetings and recovery related events and to local twelve step clubhouses.

• Twelve-Step Meetings and Workshops.

• Recovery Coaching, a minimum of ten years clean and a solid 12 step-background for all our recovery coaches.

• Vocational Education/Assistance with referrals and networking within the local community. Upon completion of the suggested program stay, we will assist with integrating individuals into their respective communities back home.

• Optional one on one mentoring in Torah studies. Study subjects of personal interest and subjects supporting recovery.

• Physical Health Education. It is incumbent to take care of ourselves and exercise helps reduce stress and can improve the mood although our position is clear that the essential component of recovery is spiritual based with character development. GYM 3 DAYS A WEEK. 

• Two Hours of Spiritual Follow-up Group weekly, for unlimited period of time.

• Alumni Fellowship and assistance with developing support system.

• Totals-28 hrs spiritual counseling/and education weekly plus skill related activities and twelve step meetings equals approximately 40 hours of active program involvement weekly.

• Torah-observant psychiatrist/psychologist available, as a separate “For-Fee service”. CLINICAL SERVICES ARE GIVEN BY OUTSIDE PROVIDERS WHO SHARE OUR SPIRITUAL VALUES.  We are of the conviction that all addicts, regardless of co-occurring mental health disorders can recover from addiction through the exact same spiritual process and generally will improve both in emotional and mental functioning. However, at times, the involvements of medical practitioners are needed and this is available as an entirely separate service, including medication management.

• Optional Kosher dinners / Shabbos.

We require all staff or affiliates who may be in recovery to have a strong 12-step background, this is without exception.


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Addiction Program with supervised housing $5900 / month.
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12 Steps & Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous
In-depth Study
Watch Videos
28 spiritual groups weekly
Individual spiritual sessions
Spiritual family / groups
Structured residences
Interactive classes
Universal spiritual path
Advanced meditation and prayer
Complementary transportation
Twelve-Step meetings and workshops
Recovery coaching
Vocational education / assistance
One on one mentoring in Torah studies
Physical health education
Spiritual follow-up groups
Alumni fellowship
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